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"In baseball, all is lightning" - Henry Chadwick


Q. Who are you?
A. My name is Rachel, and I'm a bit of a baseball fan. It makes me smile.

Q. Why create "hello baseball co."?
A. I love nothing more than sitting in the sun, listening to a Nat's game on the radio. And wearing t-shirts. And drinking a beer. And appreciating beards.

Q. Tell me more...
A. I wanted to design some products that celebrated my love of America's favorite pastime - both here in the DC/MD area, and everywhere. Shirts are printed in MD, and hopefully there will soon be some buttons and paper goods soon as well!

Q. Can I follow you on the miscellaneous social media options?
A. Yes! This is also the best way to keep up with new products and when something comes back in stock.

Q. When will I get my order?
A. This is a very new project for me, so please be generous with your patience while we adapt to the crazy wild world of the United States Postal Service.

Q. Can I return my order?
A. As a very small operation, I can not process returns at this time. And as such a big baseball fan that you are, I'm sure you have a friend who would love to be gifted with some fun handmade baseball accessories. However, of course, if something is wrong with your order, please let me know!

Q. "Darn, you're out of my size!" Or, "Gee, I wish this shirt came in red..."
A. Drop me a line below!

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